Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aden's Schooling

I taught Aden from home and started a little Pre-Preschool. That later turned into a weekly class "Mommy and Me Music Makers" which later turned into a monthly class. It was free and at the church. I had 30 people signed up Mom's and kids included. :) I would play fiddle music on the violin and learned kids songs on the guitar. I had a number of kids instruments some of them homemade the kids could borrow. We would spend an hour singing, dancing, playing music, learning from the calender, and doing table time activities including learning a shape, sign, spanish and english, color, and letter of the day. We used playdough and coloring. We also put a ball in a blanket and worked on team work of throwing it up and catching it. Although it was a ton of work, the boys and I had a lot of fun. I know the other Mom's did too.

Aden and his friend Addy Blunck. We had some fun play days living in such a tight nit neighborhood. We would have a party at the playground sometimes every night. Since it was right outside our door it was easier then keeping the kids locked up. We also would either lend or borrow something at least a few times a week. It was a very wonderful memory living at Peterson Point. Thanks friends we made there for your love. :)

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